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Kate checked in, and I’m sure I heard my brother in the background, but she denied it, proceeding to ask me if Jesse and I had made friends. Yes. She also asked if I’d told Jesse that I’m still pregnant. No. After a full day of being indulged in him and having things completely back to normal, just how they should be, I’m sure this is the right decision.

‘Are you going to lie there all day, or are you getting dressed so we can shoot to The Manor?’ He stands in the bathroom doorway gloriously naked, rubbing a towel over his dark blonde locks.

I push myself up and crawl to the bottom of the bed, and then flop back down on my front, propping myself up on my elbows and resting my chin in my palm. I know what I’m doing, and so does he by the look in his twinkling greens. Not that I don’t want to go to The Manor. With the absence of a certain whip wielding witch, Jesse’s country estate is a far more pleasant place to be.

‘I might.’ My voice is inviting and low, just how I intended it to be. ‘You’re hard.’ I nod at his groin and flick my eyes back up to him, struggling to hold back my grin. I bite my lip and watch him closely.

‘That would be because I’m looking at you.’ He drapes the towel over his shoulders and leans on the door frame.

I start drooling at the mass of pure, tempting gorgeousness and smile. ‘You’re hard everywhere.’

‘Except here.’ he says, all deep and coarse, tapping his chest. ‘Here, I’m as soft as s**t. But only for you.’

My smile widens. ‘You can be hard-hearted sometimes.’ I muse, rolling over onto my back, my head hanging off the end of the bed.

‘You’re a temptress, Mrs Ward.’

I watch his upside down body approach slowly until he’s standing looking down at me, his steel shaft brushing my top lip. ‘You want it?’ he asks, clasping the base and guiding himself from side to side across my lips. The hot dampness has my tongue darting out to taste, but he pulls back, his lips tipping at the corners. ‘Say please.’

‘Please.’ I reach up and run my fingertips down the centre of his chest, and he moans, guiding his c**k straight to my lips. I open slowly while watching as his face contorts with anticipation, then I close my lips around him.

‘Ava, that damn f**king mouth of yours.’ he groans, clenching his eyes shut.

‘Should I stop?’ I bite down lightly and drag my teeth across his smooth flesh. ‘Do you want me to stop?’

‘I want you to shut the f**k up and concentrate on what you’re doing.’

I smile and release him before flipping myself over and sitting on the end on the bed between his thighs. I grab his c**k and squeeze… hard.

‘Stop teasing me, lady.’ His hands find my hair, his fists clenching, and he pushes me down to him.

I don’t put up any resistance. I love taking him like this. My head drifts down and my fingernails grip onto his firm arse, pulling him forward.

‘Oh f**k!’ he barks, holding my head in place. ‘Just stay there.’

He’s brushing the back of my throat, and I’m struggling to stop my stomach from convulsing. I keep quiet whilst he spasms against me, his head dropped back and his fists tightening in my hair. I need to keep control here. I cannot be throwing up, I’ll never explain it, so instead of concentrating on my mouthful of solid c**k, I focus solely on keeping myself from retching. I close my eyes and inhale through my nose. What is wrong with me? If pregnancy brings aversions and mine is a sudden intolerance of Jesse’s manhood in my mouth, then I never want to be pregnant again.

I relax a little when he withdraws and quickly drop him from my mouth before crawling up his body and wrapping my legs around him. I need to play this perfectly, especially judging by the incredulous look on his handsome face. He doesn’t like me halting things. That’s his call. I lean in and bite his lip. ‘I want you inside me.’

‘I was quite happy where I was.’ he splutters in disbelief. It makes me laugh. ‘I’m glad you find it funny, Ava.’

‘I don’t, I’m sorry.’ Pushing my lips to his, I wave the need card. It’s my only option. ‘I need you inside me now.’

He pulls back and narrows his eyes. It worries me. But then he knocks me out with his smile, reserved only for me. ‘You’ll never have to ask me twice, baby.’ He lowers me to the bed and comes down with me. ‘Get rid of the towel.’

I yank the bath sheet from around his neck and fling it across the room.

‘Put your hands in my hair.’ he orders. I comply immediately, lacing my fingers though his mass of wet, dirty blonde. ‘Pull it.’ He leans down and licks my lips as I tug at his hair on a moan. ‘Kiss me hard, Ava.’ His stern tone just spikes my need further. I tackle his mouth with desperation and conviction. ‘Stop.’ he orders, and I do, even though I really don’t want to. ‘Kiss me softly.’ he whispers, and I sigh, gently sweeping my tongue through his mouth, so very lazily. It’s heaven. ‘Enough.’ he says harshly, and again I stop. He pulls back and drops a loving kiss on my lips. ‘Why can’t you do everything I ask that quickly?’

I grin and pull him in closer, re-claiming his mouth. ‘Because your power hungry persona is rubbing off on your wife.’

He laughs and rolls over so I’m astride his hips. ‘Take the power, baby.’

‘Okay.’ I agree quickly, lifting myself from his groin. He reaches down, and I slap his hand away. ‘Excuse me.’

‘Oh, sorry.’ He grins sheepishly. ‘Don’t f**k about, though, will you?’

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