This Man Confessed (Page 18)

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‘She’s going to get hurt.’ I say quietly.

His arm snakes around my bare tummy, pulling me back against him. I’m more than awake now. ‘What makes you think that?’

My shoulders tense. ‘I know she likes him.’

His hips push forward into my lower back and slowly grind, lazily, purposefully. ‘And I know Sam likes her.’

I moan as he dips and pushes upwards, moving his mouth to my ear. I’m not even going to bother trying to sound unaffected. ‘Then why can’t they date like any normal couple?’ I breathe.

‘None of our business.’ he whispers.

That’s it. That voice, those damn f**king hips and the sharpness of his chest through his suit has me lock stock. I spin around and start walking forward, pushing him back towards the bed. ‘This marriage is getting consummated.’ I shove him on the bed and climb up to straddle his hips. He’s looking up at me, thoroughly amused. ‘Mr Ward, I’m taking the power. Any objections?’

He grins. ‘Knock yourself out, baby. But please watch your mouth.’

‘Mouth.’ I whisper, reaching forward and grabbing his tie. I yank it towards me so he’s forced to sit up or be strangled. His eyes widen in alarm as I get nose to nose with him. ‘Who has the power?’ I ask quietly.

‘It looks like you do for now.’ He’s fighting a grin. ‘Don’t get used to it.’

I smile and push my lips to his, a collective moan mingling between our mouths. I force my body into his, pressing him back down to the bed, while our mouths work each other in perfect harmony. We are so incredibly in touch with each other. I know what he wants and how he wants it. I’ve been getting far too much gentle Jesse lately, but I’m going to remedy that now. I break away from his lips and work my way into is neck, savouring the feeling of his big hands sweeping across my naked back.

‘Damn you, woman.’ he moans.

‘You don’t want me?’ I tease, nibbling at his ear, circling wet, firm strokes in the hollow below his lobe. His scent is intoxicating.

‘Don’t ask stupid f**king questions.’ He pushes against me, and I know he’s going to spin me over, seize control, and then probably instigate sleepy sex, so I force myself back down onto him.

‘Oh no, Ward.’ I watch his chest heaving, his stunning face strained. He is clearly fighting instinct to take over here, but I’m not giving in. I know he could tackle me onto my back in a split second, and with little energy or strength, but he won’t. On top of being far too gentle with me, he’s trying hard to prove a point—that he can relinquish the power, that he can be reasonable. He’s trying so bloody hard… and failing.

I reach forward and take his hand, and he watches carefully as I lift it, the cuffs chinking as they unravel. My eyes flick to his so I can gage his reaction, and I find a look of understanding surfacing. Then his arm tenses. I tug gently, but he won’t let me guide it to where I want it to be. This is the ultimate test. I know how he feels when he’s unable to access me, but it’s an unreasonable and unwarranted fear, and we have got to get past it. I tug again with slightly raised eyebrows. He’s reluctant, but he lets me guide it to the headboard.

‘You won’t leave this time.’ he pants. ‘Promise you won’t leave me this time.’

‘If you promise you won’t get mad.’ I snap the cuff over the wooden bar and look down at him. ‘Don’t get mad with me.’

He shakes his head faintly and takes a deep breath. I know how hard this is for him. ‘Kiss me.’ he orders harshly.

‘But I’m in charge.’ I remind him.

‘Jesus, baby, don’t make this harder than it already is.’ He reaches out with his free hand and grasps the top of my arm, pulling me down so I’m flush to his chest again. My lips land on his and his marvellous mouth saturates me.

I start working his tie loose as he claims me with his toungue, yanking it from his neck and then beginning on the buttons of his shirt until I’ve got the lusciousness of his hard chest under my palms.

Slowing our kiss down, I pull away and he growls, his eyes clenching shut, but I ignore his obvious displeasure and start trailing my lips down his neck, onto his chest, across his solid stomach until I reach the zipper of his trousers. My nose runs the length of his c**k over his trousers, and his hips jerk up, a supressed bark flying from his mouth. My plan is working. I’m going to work him up into a frenzy so when I release him, he’ll be rampant and hopefully f**k me unconscious. We’ve got way too much hard f**king to catch up on.

I feel his hand land on the back of my head, and he yanks at my hair a little. I smile to myself in smug satisfaction, then slip the button of his trousers and slowly pull his zipper down, sliding my hand into his boxers and firmly grabbing his rock-hard length.

His hips fly up, the metal of the cuffs clanking loudly. ‘F**k, Ava! F*****g hell!’ His head shoots up and he hits me with desperate, hungry eyes. ‘Mouth, now!’

I crawl back up his body and grab his cheeks in my palms. ‘You want me to take you in my mouth.’ I press my lips to his… hard.

‘Do it.’

‘Who has the power, Jesse?’ I bite his lip, and he moans.

‘You do, baby. Mouth.’

I smile against him and drift straight back down, pulling his c**k free and licking a teasing, wet lash straight up his shaft.

‘Oh f**k,’ he groans, ‘Oh Jesus, Ava. Your mouth is amazing.’

‘Good?’ I ask, taking him halfway, before drawing back again.

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